Super pin

Model connector mainly trend to miniature,high density,high speed and high frequency. Especially the development and application of miniature connector is adapt to the development trending of integrated electronic system

Sunkye's Super pin is the typical miniature connector, the minimum diameter can reach 0.010’’(0.254mm). Free welding,repeated disassembly and maintenance.It can keep good connection  between current and microwave in vibration environment, such as internal induction field fracture,conductor bad contact and so on. Super pin,high reliability,good adaptability,durability,the performance of high speed signal transmission is better than other connectors. And Super pin is widely used in military and commercial fields


 weapons, missiles, satellites, aircraft, space detectors, antenna, super computer, vacuum system, product testing, high power integrated circuit board, unmanned aircraft / unmanned space surveillance, fighter jets, radar array, collision test, fake packaging, high-end products such as 40GHz RF connectors.



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