Aerospace connectors| Space Grade Micro-D Connectors

Brief introduction

Sunkye space grade Micro-D connectors utilise the twist pin contacts to ensure high reliablity performace, they are built to meet the performance requirements of space applications, they are a good choice for all types of orbital and deep space projects.
Sunkye Space grade Micro-D twist pin connectors are designed for cable and PCB application, for the right angle to PCB connecots,there are two styles (FA and FB),the PCB Layout are all 2.54mm*2.54mm, the Aluminum shell sizes of FA style can be offered from 9 to 51contacts and FB style can be offered from 9 to 100 contacts, high density contact designed, 1.27mm contacts spacing, 1.1mm spacing between rows for the mating face of connectors.


 Environment temperature range : -55℃~125℃
 Current rating(max) :  3A(24#), 13A(16#)
 Contact resistance :  ≦10mohm(24#), ≦5mohm(16#)
 Insulation resistance(500VDS,  sea leavel) : ≧5000 Mohm
 Dielectric withstanding voltage (sea level) : 800  Vr.m.x(50Hz)
 Durability : 500 mating cycles

 Vibration :  10Hz ~ 2000 Hz 294m/s2
 Random vibration : Power spectral density 0.6G 2/Hz, root mean square value of total acceleration 28.4G
 Shock : 980m/s2 , 6ms
 Salt spray :   96h
 Humidity :  240h
 Thermal shock :  -55℃~125℃

 Contact engaging and separating force :   0.3~1.5N(24#),  0.56~8.35N(16#)
 Irradiation resistant :  Total dose:1X105 Gy
 Thermal vacuum outgassing : TML≦1%, CVCM≦0.1%
 Magnetic permeability :  200gamma

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